AHHHHHHHHH….the summer comes to an end…………

I must post this apology. I have not babbled on my blog in a little while and I must say I am not too happy about it. I do, however, have a great excuse. My wife is a NYC public school teacher and when the summer hits and she has time on her hands I like to spend the days I am not managing a restaurant with her. We have done some fun stuff this summer, tried some great wines and ate at some great places here in the city. When my time shifts from lazy summer days with my wife rambling through our great town and traveling to hot spots for fun and food to me texting her when I wake up hoping her day is going well and that she got to work on time then all of it will come spilling out onto the page (and this will be soon). There are cool things to talk about and cool places to check out when traveling that I just gotta tell ya. ATL!


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