Huia, Cookin’ In The Bones and Tuesday: A Continuing Saga

Okay, so we will see how this goes. I woke up with a bug for cookin’ in my bones this mornin’ and while enjoying my coffee I realized it was Tuesday. I downed my coffee (not too fast though. I love wine and want to continue to taste it) and ran down to the corner of street with the fervor of a child running after the ice cream man. Every Tuesday on my corner is a farmer’s market. It is about less than a third the size of the grand Union Square Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays but is my market. It has everything I need and a bit more. Empty bags in hand I ran around grabbing fruits and vegetables like tomorrow I would never see the like again. I didn’t even know what I wanted to cook I just started grabbing because…well…everything there was pretty much in season. It was all a blur.
As my hands took over my mind said sianara and floated down the block into my building, up five flights of stairs, entered my pad and went straight into my “wine cellar.” What have we here said my mind. Red…red…sherry…red…red…Aha! White! Oh…wait can’t have that one yet. Needs more time. Let’s see…red…red…red…ah, finally a white. Wow, it definitely is summer. Mostly reds in the “cellar.” But there it was, from New Zealand waiting patiently and………off my mind went again barging out the door and racing down the five flights of stairs, bursting out of my building, gliding up my block and slamming right back into my consciousness. And my first thought was do I really have that bottle in the “cellar” or did my wife and I drink it in the park? I thought I would take the risk and do some lemon chicken something to pair.
Happy with my dozen or so bags full of fresh, natural and local goodies I popped into my East Village meat market grabbed a couple of boneless chicken breast and headed on home. I am happy to report the wine was in fact in the “cellar” and in theory everything should work out. I am actually on break right now. I have been prepping for an hour or so and I am about to dive back into the kitchen and do my thing. Whether it all comes together just as my wife is getting home from one her last few days of teaching before the summer or whether I go down in a ball of flames and just have wine for dinner has yet to be seen. I will continue with my mission and report back tomorrow on the results.
Oh, by the way why don’t I tell you what I have planned. It shouldn’t be too involved but I do have a small kitchen and things can get hairy. I am planning on doing grilled chicken breasts topped with a spicy roasted tomato sauce with slices of zucchini washed with lemon and herbs with a side of sugar snap peas blanched and sautéed in olive oil with cherry tomatoes. The wine is a 2006 Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. The producer’s name is Huia, which they say is named after an indigenous bird (pretty cool). I remember getting this wine because Victoria over at Tastes of Life, another really cool and informative wine and food blog with no pretense based in California, wrote about it and the Hiua Pinot Noir which I still need to buy…again. I actually already had it once and she was right it was really nice. Thanks Victoria.
Wish me luck. I just got a ring from my wife and she is on her way home so I gotta get jumpin. Cheers!


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  1. Posted by V on July 5, 2007 at 11:18 pm

    Seems like a great pairing. Everything I’ve had from Huia is excellent. I love their Pinot Gris especially.


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