The Results Are In….Breifly

Well I must say the dinner pretty much worked out. The chicken could have had a little more moisture and I ended up nixing the zucchini due to the I-can’t-figure-out-how-to-incorporate-this factor but over all the recipes worked out really well. It is so awesome how the simplest of things can turn out so wonderfully. The sugar-snap peas and tomatoes were the best. I think I found the recipe on some French culinary website. And they went really well with the wine. I am really diggin’ these Sauvignon Blancs from New Zealand. I have had a few now and I really enjoy that ripe fruit without the racy acidity. Well, the acidity is there but it is softened a bit by the fruit. The body of these wines are well rounded and deep without being overwhelming unlike their California counterparts, which tend to be a lot leaner and heavy on the grapefruit. Don’t get me wrong I like the Cali Sauvignon Blancs but the New Zealanders have the versatility when it comes to food.
The husband and wife team who own Huia seem to have done their homework by working at several wineries in Marlborough with an extensive stint in a champagne house in France before opening their own small company in 1996. Now I understand their attention to detail. The French are the ultimate in strict classical discipline and that focus shows in the Huia wine.
This is a wine I would totally bring to a summer BBQ. Speaking of wine as a gift I was reading this article in Wine Enthusiast this past month about the stigma of bringing a wine to a get-together. It was saying how people in the US always worry about impressing people with the label or the reputation of a wine. This made me think that people might be spending way too much (money or time stressin’) when bringing bottles for fun consumption. Not only in New York City but, really, everywhere more and more affordable wines are available from all around the world. Wine is getting ridiculously popular in The US and by 2010 it is believed that we will be the number one wine consuming country in the world with France and Italy right behind us. Stores across the country are starting to be a little more adventurous and will stock cool wines that are usually under twenty bucks from Spain and South America as well as places like Mexico and Israel.
We shouldn’t be embarrassed by what we bring to a party. This article said it best, “Relax, its only wine.” And when bringing something crazy to a gathering you can even present it as such. Saying that is some crazy wine from a place you have never tried but it looked interesting and it was only eight or nine bucks so you thought what the hell let’s give it a try. Chances are other people have brought more run-of-the-mill wines and if yours happens to be a dud everyone can just laugh it off and stick to the other bottles. You could even get some Coca-Cola and make Calimochos if the wine is sub par ( and red). But hey, you tried and now you are the person who brings the eclectic wines to the yard so next time people will expect you to bring something wacky like a Greek rose or a Touriga Nacional from Portugal. I don’t mean to get on a soap box here I just really related to the article because I find it fun to bring wacky bottles and taste them with people for the first time. Wine should always be fun. Speaking of wacky my next post will be about a Mexican wine. Did you know that Mexico is the oldest wine producing area in the Americas? Cheers.


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  1. Posted by joe on June 27, 2007 at 4:34 pm

    Keith, what a treat. It makes so much sense, The East Village Wine Geek! Drop me a line sometime.

    Joe Adkins


  2. Posted by Anonymous on June 28, 2007 at 5:47 pm

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