Delivery, Pinot…Love it!

Last night my wife and I were celebrating for celebration’s sake. There was actually nothing to celebrate really but we popped a bottle of pinot like it was time to rejoice. With all this talk of the merlot and pinot noir it was now time to enjoy the latter. I dipped into the “cellar” and found yet another Cali wine from our trip. It was Summerland’s 2005 pinot noir entry level. If you have been reading this blog for a while you might remember my posts on their sauvignon blanc and their syrah (the syrah is my wife’s fav). Summerland is one of the better California producers in my book. Actually I just downright love them. They embrace new world style with restraint and balance. My wife and I were lucky enough and honored to sit and try every wine in their line when we visited their tasting room in Summerland California on our way to Ventura.

We put on some Modest Mouse in the background, ordered some veggie/Italian delivery, po0pped the bottle and talked about our day. Here is what we thought of the wine.
The color was nice and deep yet translucent allowing for a bit of acidity to brighten the wine up a bit. I had just taken it out of the “cellar” so it was a bit cool but after it warmed up a little the body fattened up nicely and showed those signature aromas of spice and dried fruits (minimal contact with one hundred percent French oak). This is a really good Cali pinot noir. We had tried some pinots out there especially in Sonoma that were just awful. This wine has balance and a good use of oak. The vanilla effect of the oak is minimal and vibes nicely with the fruit. You could just drink it on its own as much as you could have it with food. As it opens and the tannins become more prominent the wine holds its balance. Also, the nose nicely melds spice, vanilla and dark fruit into a wonderful melody that is so smooth and deeply silky to the senses and on the palate. Good stuff. I am not sure if this one is available in NYC. But I do know I want it for the shop. I think the guys will dig this one highly. If you haven’t already, try some of these California Central Coast wines. They are really drinking well. Never did get to Napa but of all the places I went for wine in The Golden State Santa Barbara County was our favorite…Sideways or no Sideways. Cheers!

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  1. Posted by tootheater on August 14, 2007 at 3:12 am

    dear mr wine geek,
    i have not tried this california pinot , but i have tried one called KRAFUSS. it is exquisite- super elegant , super balanced. it is my absolute fave p.nero that i’ve tried to date.
    have you tried this wine ? if so, how do you feel about it ?


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