February’s Wine Starter Kit Is All Italian!!

Well the Wine Starter kit for January went very well. We are pretty stoked by the reception. So we are going to keep it going and for February we have picked a new set of six. The theme for this one is not international but Italian. We have chosen three wines from the northern part of Italy and three from the southern part otherwise known as the Mezzogiorno. From the north we have a Corvina 2005 from the Veneto famous for their Valpolicella. From Tuscany we have a Vino Nobile Di Montepulciano 2004 that screams Tuscan elegance and from Piedmont we have an organic Barbera D’Asti 2005 that defines the tradition of why this grape is best with food in Piedmont. From the south we are offering a Nero d’Avola from the island region of Sicily that celebrates how far their wines have come in the past fifteen or so years. We have an ancient grape from Campania called Aglianico that defines the subtle power wines can possess. And last but certainly not least a traditional blend from the Salice Salentino area of Puglia called…well, Salice Salentino. This one is $99 bucks for the six wines and for an extra $25 we will throw in six label removers and a sexy little journal to take down notes in so you can come in and rap with us about what you thought.
For this week’s post I thought I would talk about one of the wines from the north and one from the south. Click this link for the first one or just scroll down and cIick this link for the second one or just scroll down as well. I chose to talk of only two because as you probably know I tend to ramble and there are six wines in the kit. If I spoke of all six this post would be the length of a large novella. Cheers.

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