Ed Eubiera. Customer, artist and all around cool guy came in one night with one of our wine bags. I thought he was just returning it to be “green” but when he handed it to me I saw that this was not the case (I am sure though that he is green. Minimizing his carbon footprint and all). He had done a piece on the bag that was out of this world. He proceeded to tell me of an idea that he had while painting the bag where he would get a bunch of artists together to paint, tear, collage, what have you some art on our bags and put them up all over the shop to sell and have an opening to support local artists. I only had one word in response, “Brilliant” (in an excited British tone). I talked to my partners about it and they were hip to the idea as well.
It then went even further. We decided to make an event out of it by doing a wine tasting simultaneously with the show and be open for business as well selling art and wine. How cool. Then David had a brilliant idea. He said why don’t we go even further and donate the proceeds for the first three days to a local charity. It just so happens that a block and a half away from the shop is the headquarters for the LOWER EASTSIDE GIRLS CLUB a non-profit organization providing arts, science, literacy and leadership programs for girls and young women from ages 8-23. We called them up and they were so in. They said they would even cook up some treats for the event and have them for people looking at bags and tasting wine. It all came together so seamlessly. I contacted our Portuguese wine source and asked if they would like to do the wine tasting and they agreed whole-heartedly.
So this is how it is going to go down: On Friday June 6th from 6pm-10pm we will be showing pieces that various artists have done on our wine bags. The bags will be for sale and for the first three days of the show proceeds of the sales will go to the LOWER EASTSIDE GIRLS CLUB. During the opening we will have a free wine tasting provided by Aidil Importers our source for awesome Portuguese wine. Ivan will be representing the company with a couple of solid wines from Portugal. And while you are tasting wine and considering which bag to purchase for that one empty spot on the wall you have been desperately trying to fill with local art THE LOWER EASTSIDE GIRLS CLUB will be providing treats to munch on. It is all about community, wine, and art. Total left brain craziness. So come on by and be a part of something very cool.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Dave Trieger on June 7, 2008 at 2:25 am

    Great idea, Keith… you’re truly a good guy, I wish I had known earlier. next time.


  2. Posted by Sistah-K on July 18, 2008 at 3:35 pm

    I am SO sorry I missed this!
    What a fabulous event!
    Hopefully next time…


    PS What a coincidence (ha!), I also blog about NY wine


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