The special occasion wine this week is a beautiful and approachable Bordeaux blend form the village and appellation of Pauillac. This wine is a sort of entry-level wine from the well-known Chateau Pichon Longueville Baron. The cool thing about this wine besides its wonderful, soft balance is that it is a great gift wine. The label is classic and at thirty-eight bucks it won’t really cost you an arm and a leg. The Les Tourelles is a Merlot based blend with cabernet sauvignon making up 40% and cab franc rounding it off at 10%. Merlot based Bordeaux is a beautiful thing. It allows layers and subtlety to rule the day and as a gift wine it works because if the receiver has not had a Bordeaux before this one it is soft and welcoming creating a stepping stone to the world of the Gironde.

On the nose you get leather and subtle notes of sawdust mixed with dark fruit. The palate is soft and deep with a calm power to it, which is apparent on the finish with the gripping tannins. The finish stays with you for some time but falls away gracefully. This is a meal wine. Drinking this bottle makes me thing of meats like beef or duck or even lamb. The proteins in these types of dishes will mellow out the tannins bit more as the wine opens up and allow you to enjoy the layered fruit of the wine. If you are going to do fish I would suggest tuna with some sort of savory sauce on top. Man, am I hungry. Cheers.


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