Are you ready? Have you prepared? Are you staying where you are or are you traveling to your past for a couple of days to revisit a childhood you may or may not want remember in full?

If you are going to see mom and dad are you ready to digress into prepubescent stages? Are you already telling yourself you are so going to the gym on Friday before shopping? Did you tell yourself you are not going to over do it this year knowing deep down that when it comes to it…you will? We all will.

If you are staying where you are going? To a mutual friends pad…can they cook? Does it matter (when wine is involved)? This is that time of year. We eat ourselves into a coma and walk it off at the gym or shopping the next day.

What about wine? I am sure that we have all read about wine for the holiday and what is best to be paired with the plethora of flavors on a Turkey Day table. So I am just going to throw in my two cents to round it all off.

There are so many thins happening on the table on Thanksgiving Day that is down right impossible to pair it with one wine. My rule is this: any wine that is medium bodied with a good amount of acidity and medium fruit with a tannin structure more on the softer side (they can be there be not overwhelmingly so).

These are some of my favs:

Montepulciano D’ Abruzzo:

Medium bodied earthy red with smooth tannin that get a little deeper as it opens. Un-intrusive and inviting for a crowd. The medium fruit depth is a welcome compliment to all the flavors you will scarfing down on Thursday.

Pinot Noir:

This one we all know. It is smooth and round with subtle spicy berry fruit. It sings by itself but pairs wonderfully with all flavors on the table. It is also a great red for the vegetarian in the farm.


Indigenous Venetian varietal and the primary grape in the Valpolicella blend. This wine is perfect for the holidays. It’s medium bodied and round with vibrant acidity and a deep but lively dark cherry fruit. It is a comfy wine and goes perfectly with all Turkey Day flavors.


This white blend from Umbria in Italy is my favorite Thanksgiving Day white. It is a white wine for red wine drinkers and it has nice complexity that holds up to a lot of flavors. Deep mineral fruits with a hint of honey running through the middle to give the wine some back bone is this one rolls. It has a grip to it that holds up to any flavor on the table from the turkey to the yams to the cranberries.

So there it is: my two cents. I hope all is well in the planning and that everyone has a safe and fun Turkey day. The day when it is okay to indulge is here. Just run with it. Cheers.


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  1. Posted by Sistah K on November 29, 2008 at 3:57 pm

    LOVE the photo! Absolutely priceless!


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