New York Wine Expo Part I: It Couldn’t Be That Bad….Could It?

This logo should have been an idication

This logo should have been an idication

I just do not get it.

This is what I was thinking as I walked into the New York Wine Experience. This is what I was thinking when I was walking among the throngs of people not spitting and trying to hide as may wine glasses in their shwag bag as they could. This is what I was thinking until just before my wife and I began to flee the craziness.

I had seen ads for it and heard people talking about it. I remember getting emails about it and flyers at both In Vino and the shop about it. And I remember ignoring all of it.

I wonder if I was the only one at this thing that was groaning inside just feeling the weird, gimmie, gimmie energy.

This is how it went down.

It was Friday when I started getting the texts and the emails wondering if I was going to the New York Wine Experience. I began responding with the respectful decline early on solidifying my decision not to attend. It was at the Jacob Javit’s Center and that whispered nothing but bad news into my soul. Before I was a wine geek I did a stint at a wholesale food importing company where I had to endure a weekend or two of the Fancy Food Show which is enough to make one want to stick a used spork in one’s eye.

After my responses I pretty much forgot about the event concentrating on the kick-ass tastings we were doing at the shop for the weekend. On Friday Mr. Fred Price, wine guru, cool dude extraordinaire and importer of fine wines was coming in with some serious formaggi from Artisanal on Park and 32nd and popping some equally serious bottle variety for the weekend warriors. On Saturday was the Loire Sauvignon Blanc phenomenon where we show varied subtlest of this wonderful parent of Cab Save in what some say is the home of its purist expression. That’s what was up.

On Friday night Fred Mentioned the NYWE and I responded as I had in the past couple of weeks. He told me, if you have never gone it might be fun to check it out just to see what it is all about. Then he said the one thing that sealed the deal for me. On Sunday it is free for trade. So I thought, you know what? This could be fun. This could an opportunity to show my wife how these things go. Sunday is the day where I don’t step foot into either of my businesses. Gina and I just hang out and relax in preparation for the upcoming New York City week. I called her up and she was into it and that was that. I had an afternoon date with my wife at the Javit’s Center on Sunday.


Sleep in.

Wake up.




More Coffee.

Brunch at Curly’s.



Javit’s Center.

675,000 square feet.

West side giant.

And then we were inside. We had both been here before and were still overwhelmed at how small we seemed in this space station from the 80’s. We followed the signs to the NYWE wandering through the vast expanse.

People were everywhere and not from the wine world. Most of them were wearing these cheesy, weird clown-like chef hats and carrying huge shwag bags filled with useless paper they will probably end up throwing away but for now it was free and theirs all theirs.

Surely these people couldn’t have been coming from the New York Wine Experience.

Well, they weren’t. Well…not all of them were. Turns out there were two other shows going on at the same time. Man this place is huge! There was a restaurant show that I was drooling a little bit over just because when you have a restaurant brand new, shiny equipment is sort of like going to the Apple store knowing you can’t afford half the stuff in there but you also can’t help not playing with it and dreaming. Salamander broilers mmmmmmmmmmm.

We passed the restaurant show.

And then it happened.

The dark foreshadowing came upon us like a wave of homogenized plonk. Gina gasped and stiffened in a mild disgust as we saw signs for…the 2009 Art Expo.

My wife is a painter and deep into the art world of New York. The sphere of fellow artists in which she dwells is a world of perfecting one’s craft by exploring one’s self and engaging in constructive dialogues about where art is going and encouraging each other to focus on what speaks to them. It is a very cool world that I have the opportunity to observe from time to time.

The Art Expo is not this world.

It is not even in the neighboring universe.

When she explained to me what this event was all about I started to worry about what I was about to subject my wife to. We kept following the signs and alas, there we were. Face to face with the New York Wine Expo. We walked up to the registration booth and began to sign in and…

Weirdness ensued.

5 responses to this post.

  1. Art and Wine! Talk about worlds colliding! I have a foot in each of them. sounds like a freaky Sunday. Love your new blog look, Keith. Best of Luck! Haven’t been down to your shop in a while, will try to get down there soon.


  2. BTW are you doing any of the Cali wine show next week?


    • Posted by evwgnyc on March 6, 2009 at 5:11 pm

      I am definitely going to try and make it to the Cali tasting. Should be fun. I am so often going to Italian tastings this will kind of refreshing. Also a chance to really get the Golden State trained on the palate.



  3. dun dun dun…….

    the suspense!!!


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