So this week has definitely taken its toll. It is finally getting warmer and we have been furiously developing dishes for the Spring menu and switching up the cheese plate program at In Vino (don’t worry we won’t take away the sottocenere. There would be blood). With all this wonderful craziness I have not had a chance to write a post.

I wanted to talk a little more about this sitch with new York supermarkets having wine that bloggers have been talking about and that the media is just getting around to discussing but alas, here it is Friday and I am writing from table 10 at In Vino about to try to cook up a green bean salad tossed with garlic, olive oil and mustard seeds. Sounds simple enough but when it is simple it is all about getting the proportions just right.

Anyway I thought I would link some of my recent posts for those new to the blog. Reason being I have been thinking about these ideas again and with it getting warmer out the Chardonnay post might be interesting to peeps.

Please enjoy and I will have a shiny new post next week about something deeply geeky. Speaking of Chardonnay I am stoked for the tasting tomorrow where will be showcasing some great examples of this ancient grape at the shop from 6pm to 9pm. And also tonight we have an importer coming in with some eclectic stuff. Come join. Cheers.

Chardonnay: Researching the Humble beginings of One of the World’s Most popular Grapes

Chardonnay: A Study In What Went Wrong

One Wine Geeks Stance On The 100-Point Wine Scoring System


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