Wines can be great under $12. Wine is great any price range. It is the wine merchant’s job to care enough about the customer to buy value wines that are absolutely outstanding.


There are few things I love more than seeing the look on customers’ faces when they come back from enjoying a wine for under twelve or fifteen bucks. There is this wonderful look of relief. They get it and it’s awesome!


There is a big world out there with a lot of wine being made. We have such a vast ocean of wine to choose from and not all are from places like Portugal and Chile. Yes, there are some amazing deals there and amazing wines within those amazing deals but, we cannot forget Southern France, Uruguay and even…wait for it…California.


Wine should, first and foremost, be enjoyed. We are building our wine culture, here in America, one day at a time. Wine gives us a sense of self-enrichment. We can all feel this without paying a lot of money. People in the most prestigious wine regions of the world don’t always drink expensive wines. They have a term for it: table wine. Wine cultures always stem from humble beginnings.


Let’s all sit back and enjoy some wonderful, well-priced, solid, balanced wine this holiday.


As an example, below, I have listed just some of the wines we have for twelve and under. These wines are wonderful and delicious. They won’t break the bank and even have the characteristic of what one would consider more expensive wine.


It’s all about the wine, whatever the price. My job is to find those wines and offer them to you in a humble friendly manner so that you can go home feeling confident about the great bottle you are about to pop.


I have rambled enough:


Our boy Zachary Cohen (@Zacharycohen ) asked for some great deals and here they are:


  • Comtesse Marion un-oaked Chardonnay from Languedoc $10
  • Terra Andina Chilean Sauv blanc $9
  • Aresti Chilean Pinot Noir $10
  • Bacchus un-oaked Chardonnay from Central Cali $12
  • Codice La Mancha Spanish tempranillo $12
  • Laurent Miquel Chard/Viognier blend from Languedoc $10
  • Cavas Hill Cava $12
  • Scopetani Chiant $11 ½
  • Monte De Luz Tannat from Uruguay $9
  • Monte De Luz Syrah from Uruguay  $9
  • Cycles Gladiator Cebtral Cali Merot $10
  • Puech Cucot Languedoc Pinot Noir $11 ½
  • Wooloomooloo Tetra Box Shiraz $11
  • Chateau Grand Palais Bordeaux Blanc (Sauv Blanc) $11
  • Per Linda Montepulciano d’Abruzzo11 ½
  • Esporao Montevelho (Portugal) blend $10
  • Bear Flag Medesto (Cali) five grape blend $10
  • Graham Beck Shiraz Cab $10





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