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Well it has been a long run here on the ol’ WordPress blog. HAd a lot of fun here at my second East Village Wine Geek home. But it is time to move once again. I have been doing this wine blog thing since 2004 and am still goin! Not only that but since I have started posting I have bought the restaurant/wine bar that I have worked at for so long and opened a neat little wine shop around the corner.

I love blogging and I will not stop.

And NOW:

You will be able to see all my videos going forward on our new


Here I will be able to do videos about wine and actually be able to sell them to you instead of just rambling on.

So come on by and check us out. See what videos and geekiness we got going on!

See you at


Five Days In Languedoc- Roussillon: Chateau Mas Neuf


Whoa! What an Easter week I had. Running two businesses while trying to celebrate the wonders of spring holidays took me for a ride!

But I am back in the saddle again and posting my new France video!

Our second visit in Costieres De Nimes was Chateau Mas Neuf to hang out with the incredibly passionate and refreshingly opinionated Luc Beaudet. His approach to wine is simple: let the wine make itself. he practices sustainable agriculture yet is not worried about certification. Here we have yet another winemaker coming from somewhere else and landing in the Languedoc to make the wines of his dreams. Join me as I pick his brain and get a really good look at his terroir.

Enjoy! Share! Love! Drink! Wine To The People!

Five Days In Languedoc- Roussillon: Chateau Lancyre

Our second stop in LPic St. Loup was Chateau Lancyre. The family bought the property in the seventies and began the challenging process of coverting the vineyards to sustainable agriculture. We had a chance to get down and dirty with the wine geekiness and saw some pretty amazing sights and tasted some great wines!

This one is a bit longer but the info is so fun it seems to take less time what it actually is…well for me at least:

Four Minutes of The East Village Wine Geek in France

I am in the middle of editing this monster of awesome footage from France but thought I would give a taste of what’s to come. ENJOY! SHARE!

Languedoc-Roussillon Part V: Roussillon


We have made it! We have worked our way from the east along the Mediterranean to the southwestern most area of France. The small yet powerful wine region Roussillon.

This video is a breif overview of the wine region and upcoming videos will get into the deep tasty details.

Enjoy! Share!

Another Installment of Wine Geek Life: Andrew Drops Knowledge

This is how we roll! Sitting in swivle leather chairs spreading wine love to the customers. Check this out:


It is Spring and all we can think about is rose and crisp white wine. But we cannot forget the wonders of chilled red wine. There are just a couple things to take in consideratin when choosing one and I am here with some ideas and a quick second video as a side note to the most famous chilled wine of all. Check it:

And here is my lil side note vid:

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