Five Days In Languedoc- Roussillon: Marc Kreydenweiss

We now head to the eastern most region of The Languedoc-Roussillon by the name of Costieres De Nimes. This is a great story because we have a family that moved from Alsace to This area to make wine. They still make wine in Alsace have always had a dream of making red wines. When they arrived in Southern France they fell in love with the soils and climate and the one hundred year old Carignan vines.

Join me for fifteen minutes as I talk and geek out about biodynamic agriculture and pudding stone with Emmanuelle Kreydenweiss!


Five Days In Languedoc- Roussillon: Abbaye De Valmagne

Here is our third stop of our trip.

Our last stop on the first day was Abbaye De Valmagne. This was very exciting because the area in which this Abbaye resides has just been awarded a new appellation, Gres De Montpellier. Once part of the larger Coteaux Du Languedoc now they can say they are part of a newer, more specific appellation and create a legacy around it. They, of course, already have a long legacy wrapped up in some really interesting history but this will bring them into the future.

This one clocks at about twelve minutes. SO sit down grab a sip of wine and enjoy! Oh, and SHARE SHARE SHARE with your friends!

Five Days In Languedoc- Roussillon: Chateau Lancyre

Our second stop in LPic St. Loup was Chateau Lancyre. The family bought the property in the seventies and began the challenging process of coverting the vineyards to sustainable agriculture. We had a chance to get down and dirty with the wine geekiness and saw some pretty amazing sights and tasted some great wines!

This one is a bit longer but the info is so fun it seems to take less time what it actually is…well for me at least:

Five Days In Languedoc- Roussillon: Clos Des Augustins

The Sud de France, an organization that promotes the wine, food and culture of southern France, specifically Languedoc-Roussillon, caught wind of my obbession with the area and began watching my video series on the many regions from west to east.

They asked if I would take my video camera to France and capture the magic first hand. I said….YES! YES!YES!

They sent me and my business partner, David, to Montpelier where we were met by the wonderful Sonia Augry and Laurent, our driver. Little did I know what we were in for.

Over the next five days I experienced something truly special. We travelled from the most eastern border of the this immense appellation to Pyrenees bordering on Spain.

I didn’t think my love for wines of this area could get any stronger and I was wrong. After meeting the amazing people behind these wines I fell in love all over again.

Our first stop was in Pic Saint Loup just north of Montpelier where we were honored to catch a glimpse behind the scenes at Clos Des Augustins where Frederic Mezy carries on the wine making tradition of his Father and grandfather.

They practice sustainable agriculture, specifically biodynamic, and it shines through in the wines.

I’l be posting one video a week for the next ten weeks from this trip ending right in time for the New York City Sud De France Fastival in June.

So get ready for some fun wine geeky stuff!

Please enjoy this seven minute tribute to Clos Des Augustins

Four Minutes of The East Village Wine Geek in France

I am in the middle of editing this monster of awesome footage from France but thought I would give a taste of what’s to come. ENJOY! SHARE!

Languedoc-Roussillon Part VI: Cote Du Roussillon

We are now deep in the foot hills of the Pyrenees. The Roussillon is a such a small speck of land on the global map but the wines coming from there are bigger tjan life with wonderful personalities and flavor. Here I breakdown the largest appellation in the Roussillon part of the Languedoc Roussillon


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Languedoc-Roussillon Part V: Roussillon


We have made it! We have worked our way from the east along the Mediterranean to the southwestern most area of France. The small yet powerful wine region Roussillon.

This video is a breif overview of the wine region and upcoming videos will get into the deep tasty details.

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