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Here is a quick four minute take on what I think about Turkey Day Wines! Have fun and share the HEL OUT IT with ya friends!



I have posted about Chardonnay before.

I love this misunderstood varietal.

Check out my two-part rant on the history of the grape, what went wrong, where it’s going and how it is soooo getting better. (PART I and PART 2)

This week’s video blog is me, riffin’ on this idea.

I understand why our love has waned for Chardonnay so here is a story to bring it back to its humble beginning and hopefully rekindle some old flames.


Smoky Mountrain Wine Fridge

Smoky Mountrain Wine Fridge

Moments. That is what we get in the wine industry. That is what you get as a consumer. Wine gives us moments. Sure it takes more time than that to finish a great bottle of wine but there are small bursts of energy that slightly overwhelm the senses when a wine hits you in all the right places.

When a wine is memorable what sparks those memories? The spice, the smooth silky tannins, the round earthy fruit, the grip of minerality, the waft of melon fruit.  When I am drinking an amazing wine and having a conversation with someone I cant help sometimes in mid sentence to curse and praise the wonderful phenomenon mindlessly swirling in my glass interacting with the air and changing as we speak. I feel the need sometimes to burst out with new descriptors as the wine evolves because it overwhelms me. These are the moments that make wine worth it. This is what men and women have pored over across time. Continue reading

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