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Five Days In Languedoc- Roussillon: Chateau De La Negly Part II

As we worked our way towards the Pyrenees and into Roussillon we made a stop in La Clape. We were fortunate enough to be able to visit one of the most renowned wine makers of the appellation as well as the entire region, Chateau De La Negly.

The story of this chateau is a love affair with land and vine. A man, Jean Paul Rosset who inherited this mediterranean wonderland from his parents and turned it into some of the most celebrated wine in the area.

The information in this video is so plentiful that I had to put it into three parts or else it would be the length of a short film. In this video Cyril Chamontin, Jean Pual Rosset’s passionate winemaker takes us into the winery to give a peek at the winemaking process. The diligence and focus of Cyril’s process is infectious!

Enjoy the tour and get ready for the next video when we meet the man who made it all happen!

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Five Days In Languedoc- Roussillon: Lunch in Narbonne

We took a break from vineyards for lunch in the ancient town of Narbonne, the agreed upon birthplace of French wine culture. Join me as we take a tour of one of the most emmense food markets I have ever seen.

I can’t really explain how wonderful this lunch was. The images must speak for themselves. This wonder of a place is the definition of local food. and the restuarants and bars that populate it are serving up some of the most delicious dishes.

I took the flip cam in with me so as not to freak out the locals a bigger camera (it was their lunchtime) but got some great footage of the scale of Les Halles de Narbonne.

Oh and this one is only about 6mins or so.

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Five Days In Languedoc- Roussillon: Marc Kreydenweiss

We now head to the eastern most region of The Languedoc-Roussillon by the name of Costieres De Nimes. This is a great story because we have a family that moved from Alsace to This area to make wine. They still make wine in Alsace have always had a dream of making red wines. When they arrived in Southern France they fell in love with the soils and climate and the one hundred year old Carignan vines.

Join me for fifteen minutes as I talk and geek out about biodynamic agriculture and pudding stone with Emmanuelle Kreydenweiss!

Languedoc-Roussillon Part VI: Cote Du Roussillon

We are now deep in the foot hills of the Pyrenees. The Roussillon is a such a small speck of land on the global map but the wines coming from there are bigger tjan life with wonderful personalities and flavor. Here I breakdown the largest appellation in the Roussillon part of the Languedoc Roussillon


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Lannguedoc-Roussillon Part III: Faugeres and Saint Chinian

Hello everyone! I am so sorry for my absence. I was forced to take a hiatus due to to do’s. I have re-prioritized and the videos will stay at the top of that list, like,  forevah.

If you are just joining us we are traveling the Mediterranean along the southern coast of France. We are exploring a place called the Languedoc-Roussillon.

In Languedoc-Roussillon PART I: A Crash Course History I gave a general history and flavor of the place. It’s importance in the France wine culture, it’s struggle and triumph etc.

In Lannguedoc-Roussillon PART II: Coteaux Du Languedoc I tackled the largest appellation in the world hoping to shed some light on it’s many pockets of awesomenes such as Pic St. Loup and that wonderous little lagoon appellation Picpoul Du Pinet.

Below is Part III where we head North of Pinet and explore two of my faves in this massive wine region. Faugeres and St. Chinian. I hope you enjoy!

WINE GEEK LIFE: Wine Twitter Party!

What is it like when you get a bunch of passionate wine lovers who part of the Twitter universe? Well, words just can’t explain it. So I made a quick video hoping to capture the vibe. The vibe: pure, wine geek fun!

Ladies and Gentleman: Cocktail Fodder!

I am taking a moment…well…ok…three minutes to talk about one of coolest new additions to the internet. The blog is called Cocktail Fodder. Check the video:


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