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Here is a quick four minute take on what I think about Turkey Day Wines! Have fun and share the HEL OUT IT with ya friends!


Five Days In Languedoc- Roussillon: Lunch in Narbonne

We took a break from vineyards for lunch in the ancient town of Narbonne, the agreed upon birthplace of French wine culture. Join me as we take a tour of one of the most emmense food markets I have ever seen.

I can’t really explain how wonderful this lunch was. The images must speak for themselves. This wonder of a place is the definition of local food. and the restuarants and bars that populate it are serving up some of the most delicious dishes.

I took the flip cam in with me so as not to freak out the locals a bigger camera (it was their lunchtime) but got some great footage of the scale of Les Halles de Narbonne.

Oh and this one is only about 6mins or so.

Watch. Share. Love. Enjoy!

A Question Of Vintage

Before we head into Roussillon next week, a friend of mine asked me, via twitter, about vintage. And I got to thinkin, WOW, what a juicy subject. The word brings to mind terroir, climate and DRAMA! What is it about vintage and why is it so important? Is it so important?

The following are one wine geek’s thoughts on the idea of vintage. Let the conversation begin:

Lannguedoc-Roussillon Part II: Coteaux Du Languedoc

In my ongoing obsession…i mean…series on the Languedoc-Roussillon i will now attempt to break down the largest appellation in the area: the Coteaux Du languedoc. Within this huge appellation there are many communes making great wine butt here are a certain few that  set in stone on the American market.

Check out Part One if ya missed it

Ladies and Gentleman: Cocktail Fodder!

I am taking a moment…well…ok…three minutes to talk about one of coolest new additions to the internet. The blog is called Cocktail Fodder. Check the video:


What’s Up With Rose?

What’s up with Rose? How is it made and what the hell is this thing called White Zinfandel? Check it:

The Ideal Wine Retail experience

Wine is much more than just some training video. It requires dialogue, interactivity and friendliness. Watch how it is supposed to be done:

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