Wine Tastings with East Village Wine Geek

Hello Lovers of wine!

Campania is home to a list of some of the most diverse wines in Italy. In additionto being the birthplace of pizza, mozzarella di bufala and Limoncello, the legacy of the vine also reigns supreme. Once the backyard of the Roman elite thesegrapes almost went into extinction until twofamilies revived the land. Join me as we explore this amazing wine region!


It’s getting colder! And it is time for wines that warm the soul. When we think nippy weather we think red wine. Deep, full-bodied, red wine. Well, along side some of the most interesting whites on the boot Campania has the wines that will keep you cozy as well as pair with all the dishes of the season.

 I’ll walk you through the history of the region with sips and stories. And along the way I’ll answer any questions you have ever had about how to enjoy wine.

 I love spreading wine love, giving you the arsenal you need when exploring thewines lists of this great city.

 I’ll have six wines, some rustic bread and olive oil and a nice cheese spread for ya!

 Just click the Ticket button below and your on your way!

 See you on the 19th




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  1. […] This Saturday, November 6th from 2-4pm, Keith Beavers (a.k.a East Village Wine Geek), patriarch of Alphabet Wine Company & partner in the Italian eatery In Vino (215 East 4th Street Between Avenue A and B) will be hosting a 2 hour talk/tasting about wines & why we enjoy them so much.  Keith is very enthusiastic about wine & has the knowledge to back it up, tickets are $30 (register here). […]


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