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Five Days In Languedoc- Roussillon: Chateau De La Negly Part II

As we worked our way towards the Pyrenees and into Roussillon we made a stop in La Clape. We were fortunate enough to be able to visit one of the most renowned wine makers of the appellation as well as the entire region, Chateau De La Negly.

The story of this chateau is a love affair with land and vine. A man, Jean Paul Rosset who inherited this mediterranean wonderland from his parents and turned it into some of the most celebrated wine in the area.

The information in this video is so plentiful that I had to put it into three parts or else it would be the length of a short film. In this video Cyril Chamontin, Jean Pual Rosset’s passionate winemaker takes us into the winery to give a peek at the winemaking process. The diligence and focus of Cyril’s process is infectious!

Enjoy the tour and get ready for the next video when we meet the man who made it all happen!

Enjoy! Share! Comment! Spread wine love! WINE TO THE PEOPLE!


Ladies and Gentleman: Cocktail Fodder!

I am taking a moment…well…ok…three minutes to talk about one of coolest new additions to the internet. The blog is called Cocktail Fodder. Check the video:


Languedoc-Roussillon part I: A Crash Course History

I have been honored to be a part of movement called Sud De France which promotes and celebrates the wines of Southern France. I have always loved these wines and figured I would put that passion on video. Here is the first installment of the Langudoc-Roussillon series. It is a crash-course history of the region. I will continue next week with specifics on the various appellations and microclimates of the area. ENJOY!


We have come a long way here in the United States wine culture. 1976 was cool! The whole “green thing”. And something that kinda gets forgotten. We do great bubblies! We don’t call them Champagne. We don’t call them Champers we call them:

The Ideal Wine bar Experience

So a couple videos ago (Ideal Retail Experience) I was at my wine shop talking about what one should expect when they enter a…well…wine shop: You are the boss!

Here is my take on the ideal wine bar experience:

Weekend Wine Tasting preview For January 9th, 2010

It is cold in NYC and we are sippin on some biggn’s tonight. The kinda biggin’s that warm the soul. Check what we got on the awesome communal table this fine arctic evening:

Check It:

Helping Out The People On New Year’s Eve 2009. NYC What Up!

Here is a little video about how we roll with the sparkling wine on New Year’s Eve and all year round. New Yorkers, come on in and relish in the diversity!

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